Typographic dictionary

DIGIT PROOF: Digitally made digital proofs used for control. This is what the client approves, and this is the base for printing completion.

OFFSET PRINTING: Paper gets into the machines (from one-color-machines to eight-color-machines) in sheets – usually in the size of B3, B2, or B1.

DIGITAL PRINTING: Printing in sheets or in rolls for small numbers of copies. Digital proofs are cost-effective from 1 copy to approx. 100-300 copies.

ROTARY PRINTING: Printing in rolls, extremely fast printing speed, recommended for 50 000 copies or more.

PRINTING SIGN: The pitching of raster-points on the prints.

CUTTING SIGN: It is outside of the cut size, and marks the cutting line or folding line of the print.

DYECUTTING: Print can be cut in any desired form with a custom-made cutting tool.

CREASING: Paper is hit by a hard steel-line – the paper will then be easily foldable along the line without being broken.

PARTIAL DYECUTTING: The steel knife will cut the paper plate only half way through. Use of areas: self-adhesive labels, paper boxes. With its help we can cut the material into desired forms or simply just make its utilization easier.

OFFSET  VARNISH: It protects coat of paint and prevents smearing.

SELECTED UV VARNISH: We use this type of varnish to highlight a certain part of a picture or a graphic, which produces a spectacular look on the print.

UV-VARNISH: This type of gloss dries under the effect of UV light on the paper. It provides a high-gloss effect.

LAMINATING: Foils can be matte, shiny, soft touch, anti-scratch or made of organic materials. It protects the print, and touching or looking at it suggests very good quality. It spares the print with increased use – we recommend its usage for folders, publications with a large number of pages, or for book covers.

EMBOSSING: When a certain lettering or grafic is pressed by a special tool, therefore it will emerge from the print.

SILK SCREENING: It can be used on paper, T-shirts, mugs or any other items applying various colors and graphics.